60 Mile Route – Small Diversion

Please note: The road through Wilsthorpe will remain closed on Saturday, despite our expectations.
No big problem. On approach to Wilsthorpe (52 mile mark) the route will be signed to turn right (as opposed to straight on) to head through Braceborough before turning left back into Greatford. Once in Greatford it’ll be another left, then a right onto Greatford Road. At that moment we’re back onto the original course.
Time permitting the Garmin route map will be amended.

Almost Event Day! Pre-Registration is still OPEN and the Weather is looking DRY!

We’re almost there! If you haven’t had a chance to pre-register online already, the system remains open until 1800hrs on Friday. Pre-registered riders can use Fast Track sign-in on Saturday. We strongly encourage you to use this system – it only helps us raise more. More details here.

How about the WEATHER? Most importantly it’s set to be a DRY day! Temperatures are expected to be around 15 degrees, so consider a light jacket.

Caught out by our sign-saboteurs on the 60 mile route last year? We’re taking several extra measures to ensure these lovely folk don’t get the better of us again! However, please prepare for the unexpected. If you have a Garmin, we strongly recommend you download the route. For those without, please ensure you familiarise yourself and also take a route card when you sign-in on Saturday morning.

The Golden Pheasant will be cooking up delicious breakfast butties from 0930 on Saturday – why not indulge if you feel you need the extra sustenance?!

Don’t forget a summary of Key Information can be found here.

See you on Saturday!

Routes confirmed for 2015!

The 25 and 60 mile rides will remain the same as last year, whilst the 5 mile route will now avoid crossing Lincoln Road at Nine Bridges. Instead it will take a quiet loop of Maxey.

5 Mile
NEW route.

25 Mile
Same as last year; plenty of pit-stops!

60 Mile
Same as last year with a feed station at Castle Bytham and the Windmill café approximately halfway. In essence you therefore top up with energy at a quarter, half and three quarters of the way into the ride. Don’t forget some change for the café!

2014 routes confirmed!

  • 60 mile mini-sportive: An excellent route building on the successfull 55 mile run. This year we avoid the level crossings and also have a feed station at a quarter and three quarters of the way round. The Windmill café remains at the half way mark, but this time the route runs directly past.
  • Route map: http://connect.garmin.com:80/course/embed/6698119